Friday, April 1, 2011

Best Of The Fools

 Almost everyone had an April Fools joke or story today.  The folks at the Whole Foods blog outdid themselves and posted four ideas that had just enough credibility to make me think they could be true, until I realized what day it was. I thought this was the funniest one:
Save Big with Refurbished Spices by Ginger Renood 
Instead of buying new spices, refurbish your old ones! Honestly, can anyone get through a full bottle of cloves before the expiration date? We worked with a team of scientists in Amsterdam to develop the Hoopensifterfreshentoner™ — a familiar looking tool that strengthens our team member’s core muscles while freshening your spices. To use the Hoopensifterfreshentoner™ we slowly pour the old spice into an extra large hula-hoop. Then we add hemp seeds, which circulate with the old spice to fluff and freshen it. Finally, one of our team members hula-hoops for 20 minutes to refurbish the spice. It’s an easy way to keep our team members fit, and prevents trillions of spice particles from clogging our landfills. Bring in your expired spices ready for refurbishing and you’ll receive a coupon for 20% off your purchase from our new gently used spice line. We have a wide selection of gently used spices that we’ve freshened up, repackaged, and are now selling for pennies on the dollar. Buy as little or as much as you need.


  1. Good grief! I almost fell for this one. Sheesh!

  2. Love it... think the hula hoop bit gave it away for me lol xx

  3. My husband got this email at work from one of the big bosses, he had come by a limited number of free hockey and basketball BOX seats, first come first served, hurry! Whoever opened the email had to click on the details 'April Fool's!' He thought that was the best one, it generated some excitement.