Thursday, April 7, 2011

For The Birds

Yesterday I found out that my dryer lint shouldn't be put out for birds to use for their nests.

Teri of Gone Walkabout 2 left a comment on the post, which said:
I like to get an really obnoxious bright yarn and cut it into pieces around 4" - 6" long. I spread it on branches around the yard for the birds. Then in the summer I look for the nests that used it. It is amazing how far away from home you'll see that yarn!
I remembered her idea when I was at a thrift shop today, and looked in the craft section to see if they had any yarn.  There were two large plastic bins filled with a potpourri of ribbons, bags of pom poms, buttons, and skeins of pastel colored yarn.  However, as I dug around, in the bottom of the bin I found a small  package of  "Sun Orange" latch hook yarn.  Bingo!

By the the style of the font on the package and condition of the plastic bag I figured it was vintage yarn. Even thought the strands were shorter than what Teri recommended (only 2 1/2 inches) I figured the birds wouldn't be too picky.  The bag was priced at a quarter, but when I got to the checkout I discovered I only had twenty-three cents and a ten dollar bill. The cashier discounted the price and took my change.

When I got home I draped a handful of the bright orange stands on the barberry bushes by the front door, then laid some in the forks of the branches of the redbud tree in the back yard. The short pieces almost looked like worms crawling over the stems:

When I checked several hours later some of the yarn was gone.  I can't wait to look again tomorrow.


  1. That's funny that you got a deal off a 25 cent item, I like that!

    What a great idea to put yarn out and track it, I can't wait to hear of the different places you spot it. I hope you'll post photos. :-)

  2. That will be fun to see where it was used!

  3. What an awesome idea! I may just have to do that with my class out in our courtyard. :)

  4. How fun! I love the idea of helping the birds. I was dehydrating carrots the other day while it was snowing, so I threw all the shavings outside for the birds. I thought a tasty bit of carrot would be a treat as it has done nothing but snow here for months.

  5. What a great idea! I'm going to suggest it to those who have children still at fun to see what happens.