Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Offer Without Obligation

We've donated money to our local food pantry for many years.  They do a great job; in addition to food, families serviced by the pantry can take advantage of programs during the holiday season and at back-to-school time. They can also receive financial assistance, college scholarships, and summertime camperships.  I've been thinking about volunteering there for some time, and tonight I went to a volunteer orientation.

There were six other people in tonight's session.  Some of them looked old enough to be retired, but I suspect the younger ones might be between jobs and have extra time on their hands.  The volunteer coordinator did a great job of explaining things.

I learned the pantry only has three paid employees, but 200 volunteers that do most of the day to day work.  It surprised me to hear that the pantry area has all the help it can use, and actually has a waiting list for potential volunteers!  However, they need help in the office area with receptionist chores and taking data from clients.

Sadly, the open shifts won't fit around my work schedule, so I can't sign up for a regular time slot.  I will add my name to the Special Events list, and wait for them to call me.


  1. Good for you and that's awesome that they have so many volunteers. I love volunteering my time when I can, it's that feel good feeling that comes with it that's wonderful and to know that we can make a difference. Hats off to you for volunteering!

  2. It's such a good feeling to know that there are so many people wanting to help those less fortunate. Good for you!

  3. I worked at the food bank sorting food for one day and was totally exhausted. Good for you wanting to help out.

  4. That sounds interesting. Maybe I'll look into doing something like that around my area. It seems like I donate extra food and items from my freezer at least twice a month to people I know. Just this week I gave a woman in my mom's club two dinners and a breakfast b/c she's in the process of moving, has two young kids and her kitchen is all packed up. She was so grateful and I felt all warm inside! It does feel great to help others, even in a small way!


  5. We are hearing the same news here--plenty of volunteers. Many places are asking for money instead of time from volunteers.

  6. Wow! That is so great! I know the meals on wheels program out here in Montgomery County can use volunteers. Come on out! :)