Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weather Armageddon?

The snow that fell a little over a week ago is just about gone, except in the shady areas and a few mounds at the ends of driveways.  Over the weekend the temperatures were in the mid-40s, and Tony and I took the opportunity to get out for a walk and enjoy the relative warmth.  We weren't alone; I saw people jogging, strolling, and walking their dogs.  However, according to the forecast a change in the weather is coming.

Twenty nine years ago today we had a massive storm that dropped more than a foot of snow on the area.  If things play out as predicted by the National Weather Service, a storm that's on the way could rival that one.  According to the forecast, tomorrow will start out with sleet and freezing rain.  After we get a good layer of ice, the precipitation will change over to snow, and keep going until the middle of the day on Wednesday.  All the news outlets are leading with stories of icy roads, falling power lines, and general chaos.

Since it's the end of the month I had already planned to do my "big" grocery shopping today, so I got to shop alongside the people were stocking up just in case they got stranded in their houses.  The store parking lot was full, and it was tricky maneuvering through the shopping cart-filled aisles. There were long lines at the checkouts, but for the most part people were polite.

I've looked at the Websites for the local news channels several times this afternoon to see if anything's changed, weather-wise.  So far it hasn't.  It sounds like I'll be checking tomorrow to see if I have a snow day, but I wouldn't be too sad if the Weather Service gets this one wrong and we end up with nothing...


  1. Oh, I remember that storm. We were temporary duty at Ft Leonard Wood... which back then was big-time 'the sticks'. They shut base down and we lost power for a day. Brrrr.

  2. Wow, that sounds like some nasty weather on it's way, stay warm and safe. Good thing we have people who forecast the weather these days, I can't even imagine not being prepared for the storms and being house bound without forewarning.

    My son was telling me today that our snowfall here has beat or met the 1975 record for snowfall, that's one record I didn't care if we ever beat!

    Take care and I hope you have a great week no matter what it's doing outdoors, we can choose to carry sunshine within us whenever and wherever we choose. :-)