Thursday, January 20, 2011

It Might Be....

                          It Could Be.....

                                                   It Is!


Last week when our areas got a couple of inches of snow, the school where I work was one of the few in my part of the county not to close. So when the meteorologists started calling for a big storm for this week, I was cautiously optimistic.  However, I think by going public with my desire last time I jinxed things; the first rule of Snow Day is: you do not talk about Snow Day.

Last night the news was gleefully full of gloom and doom stories, predicting six inches of snow for the area.  We started getting a bit of white stuff shortly after dinner last night, and I went to bed with visions of snow blankets and drifts.  This morning I had to get up and check the Internet to see what the school's status was.  I scrolled past all the other updates, and there it was in black and white.  Yippee!

The day is especially sweet since it came on a Thursday (which is the last day of our school week), giving me a four-day weekend.  I tried to go back to bed, but I was hungry so I got up and started the day, putting on my "wear around the house" jeans, an old shirt that's not acceptable for public anymore, and a pair of fluffy socks.

Tony shoveled the driveway before he left for work and reported there was between five and six inches of snow on the ground.  Since I didn't have anywhere to go today, I dawdled over breakfast with the newspaper, then let the dishes sit in the sink while I read everything waiting for me in my Inbox and Blogland instead of just skimming though them.  I'm looking forward to a day full of lounging round, reading, and TV watching.  If I get ambitious, I'll go out and shovel the new snow that's fallen and call that my exercise for the day.

Now if you'll excuse me, the couch in the family room is waiting for me...


  1. I went to the grocery this morning and the roads were really getting bad by the time I drove home. And then the boys were let out 2 hours early. We could have a snow day tomorrow as your storms move this way! It's really coming down!

    Enjoy your 4 day weekend!

  2. Kathy you are so blessed! I only wish that we'd shut down at 6" of snow, mind you then we'd be shut down all winter long. :-)

    Sounds like a paradise day, a day for you to do as you choose, no deadlines, no pressures and no work! Yipeee! That's such a bonus to have a 4 day weekend, enjoy!

  3. There was a big difference in snowfalls across the region. We had a full foot (up closer to I70 & 270, where the highway was actually shut down for a while yesterday). My job wasn't officially closed, but I could manage the day off, so we had a nice day home too :)

  4. I taught school in Illinois and we rarely, rarely had a snow day. I remember laughing when President Obama's children said how surprised they were to get snow days in Washington D.C. I hope you had a great weekend.