Monday, October 25, 2010

See You Later, Alligator

This morning I said goodbye to Tony, who left for a training class in Kansas City.  When he went for training last fall he was gone six weeks, but this session will be much shorter--only two and a half weeks.

For the next 16 days I'll be doing all of the household chores, starting immediately. Tomorrow is trash day, and since Tony isn't here to do it I need to make sure the cans are out at the curb first thing in the morning.  I also need to pay the bills that came in today's mail, another job that I usually don't do.  Tony also takes care of feeding the cats in the morning, so they'll be waking me up in the morning when it's breakfast time!

There are some advantages to being on my own, though.  I can eat where, what, and when I want.  The only dirty dishes and clothes will be mine, and if I want to leave them laying around, no one will be here to complain.  I can watch whatever I want to on TV, and watch as many chick flicks as I want.

I suspect Tony will be home before I know it.


  1. I remember thinking the same thing when my husband had to leave for a week at a time on business. I did get used to it, but it sure was nice to have him home again.

  2. I'm going to be on my own here in SF for awhile. Terry is heading back to Fresno on Thursday, probably not to return for two weeks as he has things to do there.

    We'll have to compare notes. I pay the bills so that is nothing new, and there is no garbage to go out to the curb here. I'm going to spend some of my time babysitting the granddaughter and some time taking the muni to other parts of the city just to see what I can see. Maybe a movie and maybe I will even go across the bay and spend some time in Berkeley.

  3. Have fun Kathy...and you'll have to let us know which chick flicks you watched and recommend.