Saturday, October 23, 2010

Feature Attraction

A while back I bought a Groupon for two tickets at a STLCinema. The chain has four locations to choose from, but I really wanted to go to the Moolah Theater. This afternoon Tony and I did just that.

The single screen Moolah is housed in a renovated Shiner temple that was built in 1913.  (In addition to the theater, the building also has a lounge, a small bowling alley, and loft apartments.)  We got there just as the doors were opening at 1:40 for our 2:00 matinĂ©e. There were several groups of people ahead of us, but it didn't take long to get our tickets for The Social Network.  In addition to the regular concession stand there's a full bar available, but we decided to go with the traditional popcorn and soda.  Tony bought it while I used the rest room, then we entered the high-ceilinged theater and picked out one of the leather couches arranged on the main floor.

Yep, couches.  Although the theater also has rows of stadium seats at the back of the room (and a balcony that's open on the weekends), they also have dozens of couches arranged in front of the screen with small end tables in between to set your drinks and snacks on. The theater has a huge screen (20' X 45'), which turned out to be a bit of a problem.  Halfway through the previews, I realized that we were sitting too close; I was already getting a headache.  Fortunately, there was an empty couch in the row behind us, so we  picked up our things and moved.  Problem solved.

 Once the movie started, it seemed natural to cuddle up against Tony, just as I would if we were at home.  I really enjoyed the movie about the founding of Facebook. Two hours passed quickly, and all too soon the final credits came on.  The house lights came up, and it was time to leave the theater.

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