Friday, October 1, 2010

It's A Jungle In Here!

The seasons they are a changin'  This is what the window seat in the kitchen looked like before breakfast:

After I brought the plants in from outside, it looked like this:

That's not even all of them.  A few, like the Christmas cactus, are still outside (the brisk evenings help them set buds), and some are upstairs in the master bathroom because I didn't know exactly where to go with them.  Over the next few days, I'll be rearranging things until everything is in its winter home.


  1. I brought in my geranium pot this year to see if I could keep it going all winter. But I still have a monster sized fern and one other huge plant to bring in...I'm hesitating as I'm not sure where to put them! You have a nice big spot there!

  2. You're brave. I stopped bringing plants in after we had a ladybug problem in the house. And we've had ants living in pots too. Its kind of sad that we don't have anyplace to winter plants, so we've stopped buying non-hardy plants (or buy them cheap enough that we're not too sad when they die in the cold), but I'd rather skip the plants than fight more buggies.

    Your window seat is lovely! Perfect place for a winter garden :)

  3. Wow, I love your windows and doors - so much beautiful light and space! I'm jealous even though I'm not much of a green thumb/ plant person. I left all my plants out last year (those left by the former owner of our house) and they all froze and died. Oops!

    p.s. - check out this link and maybe you'll find a cool corn maze or pumpkin patch in your area! :)