Sunday, April 25, 2010


We're just a couple of weeks away from our big social event of the year...the marriage of Son Brian to the beautiful Nicole.  Since Brian is the first of our boys to get married, Tony and I were stumped as to what to get them for a wedding present. However, I had an inspiration the other day, and today we visited a pottery studio to pick it out.

We decided to have a signature platter made to commemorate Nicole and Brian's big day.  The decorated bisque ware platter will be at the reception so all the guests can sign it (with a regular pen). After the wedding we'll bring it back to the studio, where they'll trace over each of the signatures with the correct paint, then glaze and fire it.

There were a lot of choices involved with this gift....the size and shape of the platter, the decorations on it, and the color of those decorations. Tony and I chose a rimmed platter that will be big enough to hold all the guest's signatures.  The studio had a three-ring notebook filled with clip art and other sample decorations to choose from which made that part a bit easier, and they gave us some color suggestions so it was easy to choose from the dozens that were available.

I'll go back next weekend, pick up the decorated plate, and add it to my growing pile of things that we'll be taking with us to the wedding.


  1. Kathy how exciting for you, what a wonderful life event to look forward to!

  2. Christine-Thanks. We're SO excited.

  3. Very thoughtful! This will be something they will treasure for all their married life.