Monday, April 12, 2010

If You Can't Beat 'Em, Join 'Em

Both of our cats, Jackson and Pepper, have typical cat personalities.  They're aloof except when they want something, like food.

They get fed right before we go to bed...Jackson's bowl is in the laundry room on the main level and Pepper's is upstairs in the master bathroom.  After Jackson gets his food we never see him again; Pepper eats then leaves, but comes back at some point, jumps on the bed, and curls up at the bottom by Tony's feet.

Last night, though, was different.  Tony was already sleeping by time I came to bed, and Pepper came to greet me when I was in the bathroom.  He followed me, tail up in the air, and jumped up on the bed before I could lay down.  I moved him out of the way, then climbed in bed and pulled the covers up to my chin. As I was settling in to go to sleep, I sensed a presence. I opened my eyes to see Pepper's nose six inches away from my face. He was delighted to see that I was awake. It was time to play!

I showed him "his" spot down by Tony's feet. A few seconds later, he was walking between us back up to the top of the bed.  He climbed over me, sat down, and started purring loudly.  Once again I moved him, and once again he was back.  He laid down next to me, but his tail kept moving, hitting me on the arm each time.  I'd had enough, so I gave him a gentle nudge and sent him to the floor.

Just as I was getting settled again, Pepper was back.  He walked up to my pillow and sat down. Unfortunately, it was on my hair. I pushed him out of the way and directed him back to the end of the bed. Thirty seconds later he was back on the pillow; he stretched out around my head and started purring.

I gave up. Since I was really tired, it wasn't too hard to go to sleep.  I have no idea what time Pepper moved on, but he wasn't there when I woke up in the morning.


  1. My old cat, Gremlin had strange bedtime habits, too. He would usually curl up by my head on my pillow. Some nights, though, I would wake up to see him staring intently at me. Maybe I was snoring?

  2. My cat's sort of up for play whenever. Even if she's half asleep, she'll lazily grab at a string being drug across the floor.

  3. Oh my. Too funny. Sounds just like our cat. Her favorite place to sleep is on my face. She's very persistent, which is why we close the bedroom door and night and don't let her in.

    The cat belonged to my mother-in-law, before she died. The family friend who moved into the house afterward decided the cat was trying to kill her in her sleep by suffocating her. That's when the cat came to live with us. She's a nice cat, though. As long as you keep her out of the bedroom!

  4. How interesting that everyone who commented has the SAME name!

    Aren't cats wonderful?