Sunday, April 18, 2010

Carry That Weight

It was such a beautiful morning Tony and I decided to combine our exercise with an errand.  We walked to the nearest Schnucks grocery store (a couple of miles each way) so Tony could pick up some things he needed to prepare dinner.

On the way home I mentioned that the aerobic exercise was great, but if I'd gone to the gym I could also use the machines to work on my arm muscles.  Tony jokingly referred to the two cans of pinto beans he was carrying in his bag, saying I was welcome to carry those while I walked.

I thought about it and decided to take him up on his offer.  Each of the cans weighed almost a pound (15 1/2 ounces,to be precise).  I held a can in each hand and used them like dumbbells. First I raised both of my arms straight out in front of my body while holding the weights. After a few repetitions, I raised my arms up to the side level with my shoulders, then did the same thing but bent my arms at the elbows so they touched my shoulders.  I did bicep curls, one arm at a time, as I walked up a hill; it actually gave me extra momentum!  The can's liquid sloshed around in the cans as I moved them up and down.  I wondered if I was harming the contents in any way, but I decided that beans were pretty sturdy.

The traffic was light in the subdivision so no one but Tony witnessed my feats.  Once we were home I set my "weights" on the counter where they turned back into ordinary cans of beans.