Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Let Me Check The Calendar...

It's March 30th.  Spring officially started last week. The baseball Cardinals have their opening day tomorrow. And it's snowing.  Ridiculous!

I understand there was some nice weather last week, but when I arrived home from my Spring Break trip on Thursday it was chilly.  Friday morning there was a dusting of snow (which melted by noon).  Saturday afternoon the white stuff started again, and by bedtime there was about five inches on the ground . It was substantially gone by Sunday afternoon.  We got a break on Monday, but when I was out last night my car was pelted by a cold mix of rain and snow.  This morning when I woke up the grass was covered with a light layer of snow, and there was enough on the deck that I didn't want to go outside to fill the bird feeder.

To put things in perspective, the average high at this time of year is 60°

According to the 10-day forecast today should be the last of the nasty stuff. (I can only hope.)  There's a chance of rain for the next few days, but that's to be expected. It's almost April, so I'll look forward to those showers bringing May flowers.


  1. we had a nice day today, like 8C. It's been cold but seems like it's time to get the spring coats out! I did pull some of my lighter colour tshirts out.

  2. You should not be having snow now. That just seems so unfair. We are finally drying out here in California but the clouds keep sailing in, making me think it could rain again any time. At least our temps are warm--close to 70 all week.

  3. Oh dear! It's almost April! You can't have snow now. I hope Spring remembers to show up in another day or two in your area.