Saturday, January 4, 2020

THERE'S A Chunk Of My Life I Won't Get Back

Yesterday my To-Do list told me it was time to contact the utilities to have the service discontinued at our current house as of our closing date.

For both the electric and gas companies I through navigated a short menu, which led me to be immediately connected with a friendly, easy to understand person. In both cases in just a couple of minutes they had things set up for me.

Next was the water company. I started by telling the virtual automated receptionist I wanted to cancel service. 'She' verified the address I was calling about, then told me that the next available appointment wasn't until two days after the closing date and asked if that worked for me. I didn't think I needed an appointment to close out my account, so I said it didn't.

The automated receptionist transferred me into the queue to talk to a representative. I was told the wait time would be 12 minutes, but they offered the option of receiving a call back when it was my turn. I selected the option. Sure enough, right on time the phone rang. However, all I heard was background noise on the phone. After several seconds, the call was disconnected.

I tried again, and had to navigate through the automated receptionist again to get to the representative. Once again I learned there was a lengthy wait time (now 15 minutes), so I asked for a call back. However, 15 minutes later I was on another call and my Call Waiting failed to work. Ultimately I received a voice mail from the water company telling me "they were sorry they missed me" and to "please call back".

The third time, after my interaction with the same automated receptionist I decided to stay on the line until I could actually talk to a person. For the next 13 minutes I amused myself online until a representative answered the phone. Unlike the other utility company employees this one was hard to understand, and seemed to be less familiar with her job. However, she was able to do what I needed her to, and I was able to cross cancel the utilities off my list.

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  1. So much for automation, I know what you mean.

  2. I just hate sitting and waiting to talk to someone. And the last time that happened, the woman who answered was both difficult to understand, curt with me, and I had to spend the whole phone call listening to her kids screaming in the background. I'm afraid it's only going to get worse.

  3. Oh gosh, you went through customer service nightmares! I hate those!

  4. Computers.... love them and hate them!!!

  5. I relate to your phone mini nightmare, the waiting, people who are hard to understand, missing calls, etc. You succeeded though.