Monday, January 6, 2020

Late, But Still Right On

Did you know that moving is one of the top 20 life stressors? After the past couple of weeks, I can confirm it's true. I'm trying to coordinate so many details that last night (right before I fell into bed) I told Hubby Tony that I had so many balls in the air I was afraid I was going to forget something really important. He graciously volunteered to make a couple of phone calls for me.

Today I finally got around to looking at the puzzle page from yesterday's newspaper. When I read my Sunday horoscope, I had to laugh. It described my life so perfectly!

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  1. Hope it all goes well Kathy, it should.

  2. The last time I fully moved I was 28 years old. Youth has its advantages! We did move back to Fresno from SF 9 years ago but had minimal furnishings. If I had to close out the house we've lived in for 39 years, I would have a very hard time.

    1. We've been lucky to have almost a month in between the purchase of our new home and the closing of the old. Each day I take a car full of things to the new place (and unbox as much as I can). When we actually move in it will already feel like home.

  3. It can be exciting too. A new start.

  4. I hope it is going smoothly as possible! And that you are experiencing some of the good of moving to combat the stressors.