Monday, December 30, 2019

The Bag That Gets Around

Hubby Tony and I continue to declutter and purge superfluous house items before our move to a smaller residence later this month.

For years, I've maintained plastic tote boxes for each of the boys that contained what I thought was the best of their schoolwork and things that would interest them when they grew up. Now I need to get the things out of my basement, which is hard to do when two thirds of those boys live out of town. Back in September Son Tony waded through his things and decided what he could get rid of. Ultimately I sent him the things he wanted to keep via UPS.

I thought our Christmas trip to California would be a great time to bring Son Brian his things. We were flying on Southwest, which allows two free checked bags per person. I thought that maybe one of those things could be his things. I mulled over the best way to box them up for shipping. One day I was browsing through a thrift store, saw some luggage they had on sale, and the light bulb over my head went off. I realized I could buy a case to pack Brian's things in, and he could keep it re-donate it after he was done.

I came home and measured how many cubic inches the case needed to be. Armed with the information I went back to the thrift store and found a wheeled duffel bag that was the perfect size.

Ready to go
All the things from Brian's tote fit in there, and I was also able to add a plastic shoe box full of Christmas ornaments. The bag was heavy, but well under the 50-pound maximum and I checked it with no problems.

I didn't tell Brian we were bringing his things, and I think he was a little surprised, but he put the bag in the garage to go through at his leisure. When Son Tony arrived a couple of days later, I mentioned in passing what I had done. He said jokingly he might have to have Brian empty the bag, so he and DIL Ie could take it on the second leg of their trip to carry the things she was picking up at her mom's house. The next day he did mention, and Brian did empty. (And as an added bonus Tony told me it was actually his container of ornaments, not Brian's. It was all meant to be.)

When Tony and Ie left they put the duffel bag in their rental car for the trip into the Central Valley area and then back to Dallas loaded with things. I wonder who will be using that bag next?

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  1. You had a great idea to fit the things in a new tote and take it as checked luggage. I always like the results of when I declutter.

  2. Great story. All my grands travel with bags like that in plain sight. I'd still be embarassed.

    1. My luggage is a nondescript khaki color (which is still unique enough to pick out on a belt). This bright blue one was SO easy!

  3. Love this. I imagine Brian was surprised. My kids don't want things thrown out but don't want them taking up room at their house. They would be shocked if I just dropped off a bag of things. I may have to try it. Happy New Year and have fun purging and moving.

    1. I've talked with people who have kids who live in town who said they randomly dropped things off on their kid's porches while they weren't home :-)