Wednesday, December 25, 2019


I had decided last night what clothes I would be wearing to Christmas Mass today. After breakfast I went upstairs to get dressed and quickly realized I had a problem. My carefully-chosen outfit was way too warm, due to the almost record-breaking high temperatures the weather people were predicting. The next set of clothes I tried on were too tight (the result of too much pre-Christmas celebrating). Eventually I came up with two items that fit and coordinated acceptably well. On the way out of the door I put on my lightweight winter coat. It made me so hot I couldn't take it off fast enough, and I substituted a cardigan sweater over my short sleeved shirt.

After the greeting, the priest started Mass by saying "Merry Christmas from Florida". Everyone chuckled, but I had to agree that it felt almost tropical outside. It was even warmer on the way out of church, and I left my sweater in the car while Hubby Tony and I ran into the Asian market for a couple of items and some lunch. Back at home I changed into jeans and pulled out the flip flops from the back of my closet.

Later in the afternoon we decided to take a walk and enjoy the beautiful weather. On a normal Christmas day, the temperature would be closer to 40 degrees. Today the electronic billboard at the local high school said it was 75 degrees. We saw kids out playing with their new toys, people walking and jogging, and even a man dressed in a Santa suit riding a motorcycle. Halfway through our route I was wishing I had put on some capris instead of jeans.

Good thing I had the Christmas tree lights to help me remember what time of the year it really was!

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  1. With best wishes to you and your family.

    God bless.

  2. We didn't have much snow this week in Toronto but it is coming! Glad you had a nice Christmas Day, if warm!

  3. Sounds like we've done a switcheroo. It was so cold here in Fresno the past two days that I've had trouble stepping outside. Our high did reach 56 on Christmas Day, what with a bit of sunshine to warm things up. I was able to go out twice to rake leaves before the next rain storm came in overnight. Brrrr.

    1. Yes, it does sound like things are quite reversed.