Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Generate And Fabricate

The other day I had an activity where I had to portray a company's Human Resources employee. It was fun dreaming up a detailed back story and then sharing it with the other people in the activity. One of the things I had to come up with was the 'name' of the company I worked for. After some thought I figured out something acceptable. But when the project was over I decided that if I ever had to perform a similar activity again it would be nice to start from the top.

Because everything is available on the internet, it didn't take me long to find the website Business Name Generator. The site did a good job of spitting out random names (some of which were actually registered, some which weren't), but there was also the option of starting with a specific word. I decided to use my name, and immediately had 155 possibilities, each written in a unique font.

After going through all of the suggestions, I decided there weren't too many professional sounding business names, but some of them could be useful in real life. Bekathy or Kathyoid would be good semi-anonymous screen names for a chat room. Kathyisms could become my wise words of wisdom. Ecokathy might be the person who dumps things in the compost pile every day. Multikathy would be the person doing too many things at once. (However, Divakathy is something I hope never to be.)

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