Saturday, February 9, 2019

National Pizza Day

Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, I learned that today was National Pizza Day. Hubby Tony and I were already planning to go out to dinner tonight after church, and he quickly agreed that pizza would be a great choice.

Many of the chain pizza restaurants had deals for the 'holiday', but we wanted something better than chain pizza. We're lucky to have many independent restaurants in the area. First we decided on a neighborhood that had a lot of places to eat, then we found a church near to it that had a convenient Mass time.

When we got out of church I used Yelp to research the nearby pizza restaurants. There were four non-chain options. We picked one that we hadn't been to before and drove there. It turns out that the restaurant had a National Pizza Day special--a large pizza for the price of a small. We ordered a "Special" and a House salad at the cashier, then found a table and waited for our food.

The salad came out a couple of minutes later. It was a nice combination of lettuce topped with red onions, pimentos, artichokes, green olives, Provel cheese, tomatoes, and croutons. Right after we finished the salad the St. Louis style pizza arrived. As expected, it had a very thin cracker-like crust, was topped with sausage, bacon, onion, hamburger, green pepper, pepperoni, black olives, mushrooms, and Provel cheese, and was cut into square slices.

We ate until we were full, and still had plenty to bring home for lunch tomorrow. I love 'holidays'!

generic St. Louis style pizza - Wikipedia

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  1. I only like thin crust pizza. I'm not much for bread. Your salad description made me hungry!

    1. St. Louis style crust is thin to the extreme! The dough has no yeast and doesn't rise at all.