Monday, February 18, 2019

Hurts So Good

On Thursday nights Hubby Tony and I are attending a workshop series at our church. Since last Thursday was Valentine's Day we decided to put off our celebration until today when Tony was off work for President's Day.

Tony took charge of the plans. Yesterday he shared them with me, saying he had made made massage appointments for us at a spa located in the small Chinatown area of town. I was excited; I haven't had a massage for a very long time, and never with Tony!

We left the house mid-morning for the 20-minute drive. If we hadn't been looking closely we would have gone right by the nondescript storefront in the middle of a small strip mall. When we entered the owner greeted us, then turned us over to a masseur (for me) and a masseuse (for Tony). We passed through a curtain into a large, dimly lit communal room with of towel-covered chairs arranged along the long walls. Each chair had a large ottoman in front of it. Soft, soothing music was playing.

The first stop was the changing room, where we changed into shorts (and a tank top for me). Back in the massage room we were directed to sit in chairs next to each other. A container of water had been set in between the chair and ottoman, and my masseur indicated I should put my feet into it. He reclined the back of my chair, then the bliss began. Over the next hour I don't think there was a part of my body that didn't get attention!

This was a deep pressure style massage. The masseur really put his body weight into it. After he gave my face, scalp, shoulders, and arms attention, he removed the container of water and moved the ottoman next to the chair so I could lay my legs on it. My legs and feet got their turn, then he put the back of the chair completely down so I could turn over for the back of my body. I was in heaven.

All too soon the hour was over. Tony and I changed back into our street clothes, paid, and left. It was time for lunch. Within a mile there were more than a dozen Chinese restaurants. We picked one that looked good. It was, and a great way to continue our time together.

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  1. Great way to celebrate Valentine’s!

  2. I once went to one of those massage places. They rubbed oil all over me and I kept slipping off the table I was on. They picked me up and put me on the table and I slipped through their fingers and fell again. It was like picking up an eel I was so oily. So they sprinkled some sand on the table and stuck Velcro on my back to hold me in place. Unfortunately, the table was on wheels and I was still oily. As soon as the touched me that table sped away so fast I was out of the massage parlour and into the street. I got away without paying!

    God bless.

  3. What a thoughtful gift. You're going to need to do that again.

  4. Ahhhh.... that must of been wonderful!