Sunday, February 3, 2019

Peppery And Pungent

This afternoon I made a produce run so Hubby Tony and I would have vegetables for the week's lunches. One of my stops was the nearby Asian supermarket, which recently expanded into a second storefront. After I picked up the broccoli, cilantro, and yams that I came in for I wandered around looking at all the exotic items.

In the snack aisle I came across these Cocktail Nuts.

The package described the mixture as a "Rich Combination of Shallow Fried Cashew Nuts, Peanuts, Chick Peas and Green Peas". It sounded good, and I'll try anything once if the price is right. Tony and I had plans to eat dinner in front of the TV while we watched the Super Bowl, and I thought the nuts would be a tasty addition.  They jumped into my shopping bag.

Shortly before the game started we put out our food. I poured the mixture into a bowl and sampled a small handful. The mixture had a real chili kick! I looked at the ingredients label, and saw that, in addition to the ones listed on the front the mixture also had cumin seed, red chili, mango powder, green chili flakes, black salt, cloves, and asafoetida sugar.

The nuts really complimented the rest of our dinner food, and at the end of the meal there wasn't much left in the bag.  Which is a shame, because I was planning on serving leftovers tomorrow night.  Maybe another trip to the market will be in order?

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  1. It is always good when you try something new and you like it.

  2. Asian stores DO have some interesting items. And like you said, the price is great.

  3. I live the chili lime dried mangos. Someone suggested them to me and now I'm a fan. Your nut mixture sounds snappy.