Thursday, November 29, 2018

Mother Of The Wedding Dressing

There's going to be a wedding! Next April Son Tony and his fiancee Ie are going to be married. Plans have been underway for some time. When I was in Dallas in October I went Mother of the Groom dress shopping with Ie. We ended up at a David's Bridal store, where she gave me some general color suggestions and I chose several dresses to try on. Ie also picked out a dress that turned out to be my favorite. The dress was made out of a slightly shiny floral jacquard material. It was sleeveless, with a high neckline and large pleats that fell from the waistband. As a bonus, there were two deep pockets sewn into the side seams. And it was on sale.

When I got home I went to a couple of stores and looked at their dress selections, but I didn't see anything I liked as much. Eventually, after making sure Ie was indeed OK with the dress, earlier this month I went to my local David's store and ordered it. The associate told me the dress was slated to come in shortly after the first of the year, but she wouldn't be surprised if it was much earlier than that.

Two weeks after I placed the order I panicked when I heard that David's Bridal had filed for bankruptcy, but it turned out to be the Chapter 11 reorganization type. Still, I said a prayer of thanks last night when I got a call that the dress had arrived. Tonight I went to pick it up.

I wish I could say the dress fit perfectly, but it will need to have some alterations done first.  That will happen after I figure out what type of shoes and undergarments I need to buy....

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  1. Lovely. And never has such a dress escaped alteration.

    1. I suppose you're right, but the alternations may cost me more than the dress itself!

  2. Happy news, all around! Your son is getting married and you have a dress!
    Congratulations! Pretty exciting!

  3. So wonderful that you have the dress and le is fond of it. That's all that matters. Alterations are a mere hiccup. Be rather dreadful if there was no dress to alter.