Thursday, November 8, 2018

Arcane Ancestry

I'm sure you know Vincent van Gogh, the famous Dutch painter. He came from a large family, but after much careful research it's also been discovered that there were quite a few lesser relatives you may not know about. Among them were:
  • His dizzy aunt: Verti Gogh
  • The brother who worked at a convenience store: Stop'n Gogh
  • The brother who ate prunes: Gotta Gogh
  • The constipated uncle Can’t Gogh
  • The cousin from Illinois: Chica Gogh
  • His magician uncle: Wherediddy Gogh
  • The brother with low back pain: Lum Bay Gogh
  • His Mexican cousin: Amee Gogh
  • The Mexican cousin's American half-brother: Grin Gogh
  • The nephew who drove a stage coach: Wells Far Gogh
  • The ballroom dancing aunt: Tan Gogh
  • The bird lover uncle: Flamin Gogh
  • His nephew psychoanalyst: E Gogh
  • The fruit loving cousin: Man Gogh
  • The aunt who taught positive thinking: Way to Gogh
  • The little bouncy nephew: Poe Gogh
  • The sister who loved disco: Go Gogh
  • The niece who travels the country in a van: Winnie Bay Gogh
Ha! Caught you smiling at some of these. There ya Gogh.

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