Wednesday, September 20, 2017

September Summer

At this time of year the average high temperature here is 76 degrees Fahrenheit. The record high is 96 degrees.  It looks like today we'll either break the record or come close:

Just last week it was lovely and fall-like. Hubby Tony and I opened the windows, and each night we fell asleep listening to the nighttime sounds. Over the weekend the temperatures started inching up (but the humidity was low, which made things bearable).  However, last night an hour before bedtime it was 84 degrees and sticky.  We reluctantly turned the air conditioner back on.  Instead of crickets and cicadas, I fell asleep to the mechanical hum of the air conditioner motor.

The forecast says it's going to be really hot again tomorrow, too.  Then it will inch down from the low 90s into the high 80s, and finally back to normal by this time next week.  I can't wait!

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  1. Yikes that is hot. We went from extreme smoke clogged air and moderate heat to winter, even before summer officially turned to fall. Nights in low 40's. I hear we may get a return briefly of mid to upper 70's middle of next week. But at least we're not 95 although many of us would welcome that, minus the smoke filled skies.

  2. enjoy the last hurrah of summer, I say! :)

    1. Silver Willow, thank you for the reminder! I'm not a big fan of heat and humidity, so I'm not exactly sure how I should take advantage of these bonus days, but thanks to you, now I'm determined to find a way.