Monday, September 21, 2015

Peanutize Me

Somehow I'd managed to miss the announcement that there's going to be a new Peanuts movie coming to theaters in November.  That changed today, when a friend of mine shared a cute webpage where you can make a Peanuts character

My result
Making the character was fun.  The page gives you a lot of choices: boy or girl, skin tone, hair style and color, eyes, glasses if you want, mouth style, clothes (top, bottom, shoes), watch or not, and--last but not least--the background.  When I was done I could download the result or share it on selected social media.


  1. So cute, Kathy did you make yourself?

  2. My daughter posted on Facebook all of the ones she and kids made. She said the kids really liked doing it.

  3. You come up with the cutest ideas. I did mine and will have to post when next I blog. Unfortunately, braids was not an option. However, I had seven inches lopped off my braids this weekend, so the hair is fairly accurate.

    1. I can't wait to see both your character and your new 'do!

  4. Oh my gosh, I was just on that site,farting about. Too funny.


  5. This sounds like so much fun. I'll check your link out right now. Thanks!