Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Cast A Cat

This afternoon I was sitting in the kitchen when I heard the unmistakable sound of a cat getting sick.  I got there in time to see Jackson the Cat hunched over on the carpet just outside the kitchen area getting ready to produce a hairball.

Both cats tend to throw up on the carpet even though there's a more easily cleanable hard surface just a step or two away. I get that throwing up is unpleasant and they'd rather have a comfortable surface when they're getting sick. However, I get tired of scrubbing stains off the carpet time and time again. If I hear the heaving sounds in time I'll try to guide the cat to the tiled kitchen or wooden foyer. When I did that today, though, Jackson moved the opposite direction farther into the family room.

Instead of being concerned about Jackson's health and comfort, all I could think of is that I just spent big bucks to have the carpet cleaned a week ago. We're doing some entertaining next weekend and I want the carpets to stay clean and hairball-stain free.  Instinctively I picked Jackson up and gently lofted him two feet away to the foyer, where he quickly did his business.

After he got done I remembered that for the next few weeks I'm not supposed to lift anything heavy as I recover from my hernia repair surgery. At his vet visit last month Jackson weighed in at 10.5 pounds, within the weight limit in my instructions, so my cat tossing shouldn't lead to any problems  Thank goodness. 

My toss was nothing like this one:

Brides Throwing Cats--kitty was Photoshopped in
Five years ago today: Hair, Hair, Hair, Hair, Hair, Hair, Hair


  1. Good save Kathy! Should you be entertaining so soon?

    1. Actually "entertaining" might be too strong of a word. Next weekend is our turn to host the planning group for the couples retreat I mentioned a few days ago. However, none of the people have seen our house before and I wanted it to look clean.

  2. LOL Did you notice that the "Five Years Ago Today" was "Hair, hair, hair..."??

    1. Yes, I did :-) That was a very different type of hair