Tuesday, September 1, 2015

No Thank You! I Mean It.

This morning I had a mall-store market research evaluation to complete. Because it's late-summer hot and sticky outside, I chose to go to the mall early to do some walking and cross exercise off my list of things to do.  Besides, I hadn't been to this mall in several months and doing laps gave me a chance to see what was new.

What was new (besides the storefronts filled with new fall clothes) was a few store changes.   The store that used to offer soft-serve ice cream is turning into a cookie store. There were almost double the number of kiosks, including one that will buy your unwanted gift cards and one that does henna tattoos right out in the open.  I also noticed there are now two locations that sell overpriced Dead Sea mineral skin care products instead of one. Unfortunately, both of those kiosks employ the same pushy salespeople who call out to get your attention from 20 feet away.  

I used to stop and see what they had to offer but after being accosted too many times I can smile, shake my head, and say no without even breaking my stride. Today I zoomed past an overzealous employee who stepped out into the walkway to hold out a sample to me.  As I passed her she was still screeching, "Excuse me!  I have a question for you."

I didn't even feel guilty.

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  1. Oh yes, we have those pushy kiosk people here too. I remember making the mistake of stopping at one when she said she was giving away samples. She was extremely pushy and insisted I needed to buy her products. I finally did just to get away from her. I did not make that mistake again!

  2. Very weird way to approach, by shouting 20 feet away. But I guess it's what they do. Glad it's not my job. Doesn't sound fun, at all.

  3. I wonder if they ever realize hawking their wares is a turn off.

  4. sorry you had to go through all that, I know the feeling when one is busy.

  5. I too never feel guilty when I zip right past those sales people. They really are pushy. My daughter got taken in one time by one, mainly because she is too nice for her own good, and we had to stand and listen to this presentation and demonstration. I finally walked away. I didn't make the young man very happy.

  6. My son still delights in sharing the time we were walking around Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco and a "very nice woman" called out to us to come into her shell shop. I apparently adopted a very firm and loud " No thank youuuuuuu" in response and marched off. He says I was rude. I say I was smart. I'm usually too nice and find myself in the awkward position of having to listen and then make up a quick excuse to get the heck out.