Saturday, October 11, 2014

Two Words

The Internet is full of fun time-wasters.  Today's diversion is compliments of Bitecharge.  It's a quiz called  "What two words describe you?"   To find out your words, you answer ten questions about yourself.  The program calculates the result, and spits out an answer.  Mine was:

Unbelievably Sweet
You're the perfect treat -- delightful and sweet. You have the sweetest smile and the most tender love. Your face can brighten any dark day and your jovial nature can fill even passersby with joy. A great many consider themselves lucky to have you in their lives!
All together now.....aww!

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  1. sounds fun, off to try it! I'm sure your family is lucky to have you!

  2. Selflessly caring is what I got. Fun distraction, indeed!

  3. Cool! I got:

    Selflessly Caring

    You care deeply and selflessly. When you truly care for someone, you make them an important part of you. You stay with them through their sorrows and heal their pains. No one can even say they protect and care as much as you for someone whom you love. Your loved ones never forget you and they always keep you in their hearts!