Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tub Time

The master bath renovation is finished.  However, I'm having trouble finding just the right artwork and accessories, so it's STILL not ready for the big reveal.  While you're waiting, I thought I'd show you another section.  What a difference new tile can make!

When we started, the off-white tub was surrounded by four-inch square white tiles with white grout and was pretty bland looking:

Bathtub 'before', (please ignore the towels draped over the side)

A new tub wasn't in the budget, but we did have new tile installed that matches what's in the shower.  I think the updated hardware and darker tile makes the tub look elegant:

Bathtub 'after'

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  1. Nice! I could enjoy a bubble bath in that very easily!

    1. Yes. I'm waiting for the first cold night to do just that.

  2. Amazing. The tile really makes a dramatic difference. I cannot wait to see the big reveal.

  3. Love the tile! Good luck finding the artwork...that isn't easy!