Monday, October 27, 2014

A Pedia For Everyone

Tonight I was searching the Internet looking for a sample ballot for next week's election when I came across Ballotpedia, which described itself as "an interactive almanac of U.S. politics".  A little later when I was looking for information on the judges that were running for retention I found another related site called Judgepedia, an interactive encyclopedia of courts and judges.

I often refer to Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, but these others were new to me.  Knowing that the Internet is full of information, I started looking for other pedias.  There were quite a few.  Have you seen the:
  • Policypedia (another project of the Ballotpedia site), which aims to enlighten voters on policy matters.
  • Uncyclopedia, which calls itself "the Mother Ship of amateur comedy writing"
  • Wookiepedia, a Star Wars encyclopedia that anyone can edit.
  • Conservapedia, which has a conservative and fundamentalist Christian point of view.
Do you know of any others?


  1. Crazy! I never cease to be amazed at the almost infinite volume of information that is available on the internet.

    1. And there's never enough time to get to it all.