Thursday, October 16, 2014

It's Final

When I gave notice at the mall Customer Service desk a couple of weeks ago it felt like my last day would never arrive.  However, it eventually did.  When I woke up this morning I knew it was the final time I'd have to put on black pants and my mall-supplied white shirt. The final time I'd have to make a lunch to eat at the desk.  The final time I'd have to fight the traffic on the interstate, and the final time I'd have to wind my way through the parking garage. 

It was a very interesting shift.  In the morning there was a nationwide computer issue that brought down the entire gift-card selling system (and I had to turn one disappointed person away).  Later on, a frantic customer ran up to the desk to tell me a woman had fainted outside one of the stores.  I called Security, and found out they were already aware of the issue.

Much of the shift was all about me.  A couple of my co-workers left nice notes.  Hubby Tony had a cute arrangement of yellow and white flowers delivered to the desk.  Some people from the main office stopped by to wish me luck.  Several of the regular mall walkers said they'd miss me.  One gave me her phone number and told me to call her if I'd like to get together for lunch.  A pair of woman gave me a tiny box of candy. 

The hours passed by quickly.  At the end of my shift I turned my keys over to the Boss.  He wished me luck, and asked if I'd like to come back in a couple of weeks and have lunch.  I said I would. For the final time I left the desk and walked through the mall to my car.  I wound my way back through the parking garage and out to the street.  Soon the mall was just an image in my rear view mirror.

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