Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Bogus Birds

This morning I took an Indian Summer walk through the subdivision next to mine. I had a great time seeing the riots of fall color on the trees, bushes, and late-season flowers.

It had rained overnight so there were as many leaves on the ground as on the plants.  At one point I was busy concentrating on not slipping on wet leaves spread across the sidewalk.  When I looked up I saw this in the front yard of a house:

I was momentarily alarmed until I realized the birds weren't real.  They were a spread of Canadian geese decoys.  Why they were there I had no idea, but I'd love to know.

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  1. Perhaps to keep some other bird (or more geese) from their yard. We have canadian geese here who never leave. Huge masses of them infiltrate the school yards near the ponding basins. Makes quite the mess.

    1. We have the same problem with Canadian geese. I could understand the decoys if they'd been placed near an open field or water feature, but these were right in the middle of a small suburban yard.

    2. They are so life like and thoughtfully placed out there. Maybe someone they know is terrified of them and it is a detterant to keep them away.

  2. we have real geese like that here, too many!