Tuesday, August 27, 2013

See The USA

Last week I was on duty at the mall Customer Service desk when a man came up to ask me a question.  As soon as the first words came out of his mouth I knew he wasn't from our area; by his accent I assumed he was from Australia.  I was close.  He told me he and his wife were visiting from New Zealand.

They had brought their computer into one of the mall stores to have some work done on it.  The work wasn't going to be finished until the next day, and he had a request to make.  They were traveling in an RV, and he wanted to know if they could stay on the mall's parking lot for the night.

A phone call to the Security office led to a call to the Management office, and permission was granted.  The man thanked me profusely and left.

The next day he appeared again, this time accompanied by his wife.  They'd picked up the computer and were on their way out of town.  While the man went to use a nearby ATM I chatted with his wife and learned about their interesting adventures.  They were international snowbirds who'd been coming to the USA for several Southern Hemisphere winters.  They'd bought the RV so they could easily get around the country.

This year they were traveling through several Midwest states; when it was time to go home they'd store it at a storage facility until they came back next year to repeat the process in another section of the country.

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  1. Now that sounds fantastic! So clever to think of storing it, then returning later to continue the trip.

  2. Wow! What an interesting thing to do. It sounds like so much fun! Granted, if I lived in New Zealand I wouldn't want to leave there. It's so amazingly beautiful!

    1. I guess if you've lived there all your life it might be different. Besides, it DOES get cold in the winter :-)

  3. Very interesting Kathy! Never a dull moment in customer service.

  4. I would not have imagined international snow birds.