Monday, August 12, 2013

Do You Copy?

A couple of weeks ago the mall Customer Service desk was gifted with a two-way radio so we could communicate with the maintenance, cleaning, and security people more easily.  At first the sturdy black box intimidated me; my kids had toy walkie talkies years ago, but I'd never used a real one.  Now every morning when the desk opens we remove the radio from its charging station and set it on the desk. 

I've only had a few opportunities to use the radio, but I've discovered that when it's slow at the desk it's is a good source of entertainment. I just listen in on what's going on everywhere else in the mall!  There's a whole set of lingo that goes along with walkie talkies and CB radios, but the system here is pretty informal. Every officer/department has their own numerical identifying code.  Depending on who's is talking I might hear:
  • Come In (Are you there?)
  • 10-4 (Okay)
  • Roger (Understood)
  • Over (I’m done talking)
  • Negative (No)
  • Affirmative (Yes)
  • Do you copy? (Can you hear me?)
Each department seems to have their own uses for the radios. Maintenance is usually silent unless someone reports a burned out bulb or a needed repair.  Cleaning mainly discusses floor spills (wet and dry) and who's going to clean what up. The most interesting exchanges, though, come from the security department and occur when the officers are watching someone do something they're not supposed to in the mall.

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  1. interesting about the security people! Surely they can update this system though, it sounds so antiquated. I understand the hospitals here have really old fashioned paging systems too.

  2. What seems like 87 years ago, I used to work at Kmart. Every now and again, I'd hear them call something about Security in Area 1, 2 or 3. I never knew what those areas were in the store, only that if someone was arrested, the cops would parade them around the store in handcuffs as a future theft deterrent. Found out later on that there were no specified Area 1, 2 or 3. It was just a call to let the security to know there was someone spotted who just might be committing a crime. Yeah, not really sure why I just told you that story either! lol

    1. You told it because you knew it would fascinate me!

  3. That does sound like entertainment. Is there volume control on those things or do you have to listen with it squawking loud? I always wondered why the volume was so loud. They are still used in schools too.

    1. The volume control can be a problem...I keep it low so as not to disturb customers. However, sometimes I forget it's there and a sudden burst of conversation scares me :-)