Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Signs Of The Season

Today is the first day of spring, but in my neighborhood that wouldn't be obvious.  I know there are many areas that don't expect to have nice weather at the change of the season, but they're NOT St. Louis. Here, the temperature is supposed to be in the mid-50s, but today it's in the mid-30s, with a brisk wind that makes it feel even colder.

However, even though it doesn't feel like spring, when I was out in the car today I found two harbingers of the new season. This morning I saw the first Garage Sale sign of the year, and later I had to navigate through a maze of trucks and tractors that were already starting the warm-weather neighborhood street repair.

When I got home I decided that even though it still felt like winter I was done with the season; it was time to bring some spring into the house. Over the years I've acquired so much artwork I can't display it all at once, so I swap some of it out seasonally. Today was the day. I removed the paintings and prints of people skating on a frozen pond, snowy barns, and bare trees and replaced them with works of children flying kites, flower-strewn meadows and bouquets of fully open roses.

The bright-colored pictures made me feel much better, and will help me get through until the warmer weather really gets here.

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  1. The kids came in from the school bus through swirling snow today and one said "Guess what I heard today? This weather is bi-polar." Kinda cute.

  2. Maybe Mother Nature will take a hint from your springy pictures! :)
    It's 13 degrees here this morning!!!

    1. We can only hope that Mother Nature takes notice!

  3. It's so cold here too, -3C this morning!

  4. I know spring was a little early in Japan. Is it late in your area? In Chicago, we weren't done with snows until mid April for sure... more or less. :-)