Friday, March 22, 2013

My Mind Works In Mysterious Ways

Last fall I led a committee that put together a page-a-day calendar for a group I belong to. As chair of the committee, I also became the holder of the finished product.  The calendars sold very well in November and December. Sales declined in January, and slowed to a trickle in February.  Since it's so far into the year, we've lowered the original price and still continue to sell a few.  Each time we have a group meeting I bring a supply of calendars in case someone wants more.

Our last meeting was two weeks ago.  At that time I carried two boxes of calendars out to the car and put them in the trunk.  When I got home after the meeting I was in a hurry and forgot to take the boxes out.  And forgot again the next day, and the day after that, as well as the next one.....

This morning the boxes were still there.  Each time I drive away from the house I remember them as soon as I make the first turn, because no matter how carefully I take the corners they slide from side to side in the trunk. As soon as I hear them sliding I have a 'palm-slap to the forehead' moment, and tell myself I'll take care of them when I get home.  The problem is the boxes are heavy enough I need both hands to carry them. When I get out of the car in the garage I grab my purse and anything else setting on the passenger seat that needs to come in.  By time I've set everything down in the kitchen I've already forgotten about the boxes.  Until the next time I leave the house.

Today I was at a meeting and had someone ask me for a calendar. I went out to the car, put a few in a bag, and carried the bag in.  After the meeting I put the bag (still holding a few calendars) on the passenger seat, and left it there while I ran my errands.  When I got home I carried the small bag in and set it on the kitchen island.  Fifteen minutes later seeing that bag there jogged my memory; I went out and removed the boxes from my trunk.

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  1. Maybe you should keep a few in your trunk anyway.

    1. That probably wouldn't be a bad idea if I could figure out a way to keep them from sliding around

  2. Gracious! You sound like me. The calendar sounds like a great project. It is getting rather late in the year though.