Friday, January 18, 2013

A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Ever had one of those days? It happened to me yesterday.

  • The first half of the day was OK, but when I left work things went downhill fast. First, the car oil change appointment took fifteen minutes longer than they told me it would. 
  • I left the repair shop to find that traffic on Manchester Road was bumper-to-bumper and the drive home that should have been taken five minutes was doubled.
  • When I got home the cats huffily announced I was late getting them their food.  
  • After feeding the cats (who didn't even offer a thank you) I checked on the pot of beans I started soaking after breakfast, and discovered I hadn't put enough liquid in; the halfway-rehydrated  top layer stared back at me accusingly.  It would now take longer to cook and I planned on having beans with ham for dinner.
  • While the beans were cooking I had a forty-five minute online chat with a Tech Support representative to clear up a computer issue and discovered it wasn't the hardware; I was at fault.
  • Because I was busy on the phone I didn't quarterback the beans properly.  Even though the few I tested before I served them were done, some of them in the bowl I had for dinner were a little hard.
  • After dinner I tried to make some changes to the contacts in my email address book, only to be told "it wasn't available at this time" and I should try again later.
  • I figured some exercise might restore me to sanity, so I threw on some warm clothes and got ready to take a walk. The wires to my mp3 headphones got tangled up in my ear-warmer headband; all of a sudden I was trying to strangle myself!

That did it!  Right in the middle of the kitchen I threw a tantrum.  I shrieked, threw the headphones, and pounded the counter top (which is granite and hurt my hand), then apologized to Hubby Tony and the cats and sent myself to my room.  I ran a nice hot bath, poured in some bath oil, then sat in the water until my toes started pruning.  Afterwards I put on my night clothes and came downstairs to sit on the couch.

 Pepper the cat stretched out on my lap.  That, and a bowl of chocolate ice cream, made it all better.

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  1. Well, at least you didn't cut your thumb slicing some roast beef today like I did! Hope tomorrow's better!

  2. A bowl of ice cream always fixes my troubles lol. That was funny well after the event I am sure.