Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Random Notes From The Mall Customer Service Desk‏

  • They've been doing maintenance on the parking structure for the last six weeks, blocking off different sections at a time.  The last two weeks have been particularly bad, and I never know where I'll have to park.  The other day I wasn't in my usual place, went out the wrong door, and nearly panicked when I couldn't find my car.  Today I set a reminder on my phone to help me remember.
  • Even though I usually work on Wednesdays, the boss was nice enough to leave me off the schedule for tomorrow without being asked.  How did he know I had a lot to do the day before Thanksgiving?  
  • Based on the piped-in music I heard today, the holiday season has officially started.  Today the tunes alternated between smooth jazz, recognizable instrumental Christmas melodies, and a few holiday tunes with lyrics.  I actually found myself singing along with a couple of them.  Wonder how long it will be before they start to get on my nerves?
  • In the middle of the afternoon a crestfallen-looking woman came up to the desk with her husband and three young children trailing behind. She told me they were from out of town and staying in a hotel with a pool.  She’d packed everyone else’s swim suit but forgotten her own. Since it wasn't exactly swimming season she knew it was a long shot, but could I recommend a store that might sell them? I sent her to Macy’s and told her I’d do a Google search; she could check back if she didn't have luck. Twenty minutes later she returned smiling, told me she’d found a suit, and said I’d saved the trip.
  • Later in the day I glanced over at the seating area next to the desk and noticed a man trying to sleep in one of the low-backed chairs.  His head was stretched back at a 90 degree angle and he looked extremely uncomfortable. Two minutes later when he gave up and came over to ask me what time it was I noticed he had on a uniform shirt from one of the mall’s restaurants. He went back to the chair and tried again, but this time his head kept rolling over to one side. After another five minutes he again asked me what time it was. I felt sorry for him and jokingly asked him if he’d like a wake up call. He said, yes could I make it in ten minutes, and I was awesome! At the appointed time I left the desk and walked over to him.  His eyes immediately popped open.  He got up and stretched, thanked me again, and was on his way.


  1. You're just like Mary Poppins, in a car that may disappear.

    1. I'd rather be like Mary Poppins and snap my fingers so things clean themselves us :-)