Sunday, November 25, 2012

I Love A Challenge

(I've kept this post purposefully vague--don't want the recipients to figure it out.)

On Friday we had carryout Chinese for dinner. The clerk didn't put enough fortune cookies in the bag, so Hubby Tony and I shared one.  We received this fortune:

Tony thought that sounded negative, but I figured it could be fun to turn "challenge" into "hunt" as we set out to do the first of the Christmas shopping.

Last week I figured out a great idea for a present; the idea was obscure and might be a challenge to find.  A Google search turned up several potential stores, and yesterday afternoon Tony and I headed towards one of them, a specialty department store.

Traffic was backed up at the light to turn into the parking lot, but once we pulled in it was easy to find a space.  As Tony locked up the car I looked across the parking lot and saw an interesting-looking small store dedicated to selling one type of merchandise.  We decided to check there first.  When we walked in the first thing we saw was an end cap holding a selection of goods for sale.  They didn't have exactly what we were looking for, but there was something that would work. I needed more than one and there weren't enough on the shelf, but the clerk told us he could check with other stores and get more.

I felt compelled to check the original store, but when they didn't have anything close to what we were looking for we walked back across the parking lot and I placed the order.  They'll call me when the it arrives in a week or so.

That challenge was so easy, I'm wondering if we should pick another one!


  1. we recently got fortune cookies and they all had nice things to say, I like that idea of positive fortunes! Sounds like you enjoyed your challenge!

    1. I think positive is ALWAYS better--in everything.

  2. Glad to know you met your challenge with good humor. Good for you for getting started. Sigh... I need to get my brain in holiday gear.!