Thursday, January 19, 2012

Put A New Face On

I only wear makeup when I go to work, and then it's just foundation, mascara, and blusher if I'm feeling particularly fancy.   Back in the summer when I was interviewing for jobs, I bought some cheap foundation at Wal-Mart, which is just about gone.  It was time to get more, but I wondered if I should try something better.  I work at a mall; there are a lot of places to get cosmetics!

One of the things I do when I start work at the Customer Service desk is check out the sales on the mall's Website in case a customer has any questions.  Today, though, the information helped me out.  I noticed that this month one of the stores was offering a discount on makeup for anyone who had a January birthday.  That would be me!

After my shift was over I walked down the mall in the opposite direction of my usual route, ending up at the store.  I'm casual acquaintances with several of the salespeople at this store, and one of them said she'd be happy to assist me.  I got comfortable on a tall chair while she told me all about the benefits of loose mineral powder foundation.  After hearing her pitch, I decided to try it.

First I used a cleanser-soaked gauze pad to remove the makeup I had on, and another with water to remove the cleanser. The salesclerk tried several colors of foundation on my face to see which one worked best.  The store was pretty dead, and at one point there were two other clerks weighing in with their opinion, too.

Once the proper color was picked, the demonstration began.  The salesclerk made up one half of my face, explaining everything as she went along, then told me to do the other half.  It was easy to do (a big selling point).  The makeup was very lightweight, and it didn't feel like I had anything on (which was an even bigger selling point).  At the end of the demonstration I liked the way I looked, and ended up purchasing a kit that contained foundation, blusher, powder and some makeup brushes. It was more than I thought I'd be spending when I walked in the store, but my birthday discount saved me quite a bit.

Now I just have to remember how to apply tomorrow morning.


  1. My daughter loves the powdered make up but I decided to pass on it. I bought new make up twice last year, both times after working with a make-up artist. I now take those items to the drug store, and get as close as I can get to the colors, and buy cheaper products.

  2. Good for you Kathy, you deserve to treat yourself to something new and different, something you like that's totally for you. Isn't it wonderful to have service like you did? That sure isn't an everyday occurrence.

    I've never tried the powder foundation, I love the Almay smart shade, it blends to the color of your skin. Sure it's a bit pricy, but I'm worth it! ;-)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I use Lancome powder foundation and love it .. it even covers my skin cancer surgery scars!!!

  4. way to go Kathy! You're gonna look and feel great.

  5. fun! I've always wondered if those mineral powders were any good. You should show us your new pretty face! :)

  6. I have use Bare Essensuals for years and love it! However, last year, I checked out ELF (Eye, Lips Face) and found it to be just as good.

    ELF is $5 for a pot of foundation compared to $19 plus shipping for BE.

    I purchase ELF through their website and wait until they have a free shipping time to purchase, but Target and Walgreens actually carry it as well.

    I have nearly switched all of my makeup over now and my wallet is happy too! :)

    Enjoy your new face! :) And Happy Birthday!