Monday, January 16, 2012

Are You Who I Think You Are?

About 45 minutes into my shift at the mall Customer Service desk the other day, a woman asked me if there was any way I could page ‘Juan’ and ‘Jose’, the two foreign exchange students she’d brought to the mall with her.  They hadn’t shown up at the designated meeting place, and she’d forgotten to get their cell phone numbers.

This mall doesn’t have a paging system, so I told her she might have better luck talking to a mall patrol officer, but if they walked by me I’d hail them and send them her way.  She described them--two teenage Hispanic boys that were taller than her.  (She looked like she was about five feet tall, so that could be just about any teenager.)  The boys were wearing jeans and tee shirts, but she couldn’t remember what color the shirts were, or if they had a logo on them.  Not a lot to go on, but I told her I’d try.

Up to that point I hadn’t noticed any Hispanic teen boys.  Now it seemed like they were everywhere!  Every time a pair walked within speaking distance, I’d get their attention and ask if they were the ones I was looking for.  Most of them just looked confused and said no; a couple of them moved a little faster to get away from the crazy lady.

I never talked to the correct boys, but the woman never came back, so I suspect she caught up with them.  If I were her, the first thing I’d do is get their cell numbers and add them to the contacts in my phone!


  1. Your comment about seeing Hispanic teenagers everywhere after your conversation with the lady reminded me of why I set goals.

    Once something is on my goal list I see items everywhere related to it. Otherwise I see nothing.

  2. oh that's a scary situation, losing kids of any age! Interesting comment Linda made!

  3. That is too funny. Good thing it didn't happen here in Fresno. Hispanic boys are about the only ones you will see at our regional mall.

  4. You certainly get some interesting stories while at work! :)

  5. well, now that's something you aren't asked to do every work day! ha.