Friday, December 31, 2010

What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?

I'm looking forward to a great night.  Tony and I have buttons to go to First Night-St. Louis, a family friendly, alcohol free celebration of the arts.

When the boys were young we attended First Night as a family (or as part of a larger mixed-age group), but as they got older they wanted to make plans with their friends instead of their parents, so Tony and I stopped going, too.  The last few years our plans for New Year's Eve have been pretty laid back, and we wanted something a bit more structured this year.

We've checked out the First Night program online, and there's dozens of things to do over the course of the night.  I have a mental list of the ones I want to do, and I know Tony does too, so we'll get together and figure out a tentative schedule.  However, nothing's set in stone, and we're willing to be spontaneous as the mood strikes.

Our area is having some nasty weather right now, but the rain is supposed to be gone by this evening.  Sadly, the abnormally warm temperatures are leaving, too, but we should still be able to stroll down the street from venue to venue in comfort.


  1. That's sounds like fun...I'm doing what I do every year...staying off the roads.

  2. Hope you have a lovely evening. Enjoy!

  3. Fun evening! We went to a Japanese steak house with friends.

    Hey, if you like Indian, try Rosai over on Euclid. Very nice.

  4. It sounds like a fantastic evening! I went out to a hall party with some dear friends. I came home early before the drunks got out of the bars and onto the streets. It was a nice time even if I was home early.

  5. That sounds like a lot of fun!
    I think your abnornally warm temps came to us! We had 60 degrees for 2 days that melted all those inches of snow! I actually had the kitchen window open yesterday and the ceiling fan on!

    Happy New Year to you Kathy! I hope 2011 is full of wonderful surprises!

  6. We had such a laid back New Years Eve at home just watching everybody else's fireworks. Now we're having a laid back New Years Day catching up on blogs finally after a hectic holiday season.
    Happy New Years, Kathy!

  7. Hope you had a lovely evening! Happy New Year!