Thursday, December 30, 2010

For All My Super Mom Friends

I lifted this straight from Bee's Blog...

First Class Honours

I have a First Class Honours Degree in:

Engineering (Playmobile, Brick Building,), Home Construction (Doll Houses), Mechanics (Broken Toys) Home Economics (Cleaning, Cooking, Laundering, Shopping), Medicine (Children's and Husbands' Ailments), Veterinary (Sick Rabbits, Gerbils, Hamsters, Dogs, Cats), Chauffering (School and After School Activities), Sports & Gender Affairs (Swimming, Tennis, Off Road Biking, Gymnastics, Rugby, Karate, Golfing, Ballet, Tap Dancing), Music (Piano, Drums, Guitar, Keyboard), Design (Art and Craft for School Projects), Law (My House – You’ll Do as I Say), Finance (Home Tasks = Pocket Money) Administration (Home Work Helper), Fund Raising (PTAs) Diplomacy (Cocktail Parties and Company Dinners), Clairvoyancy (Mind Reading), Psychology (Speaks for Itself), Entertainment (Juggler), Languages (Interpretation of "In Phrases" and Grunts) Fashion (What to Wear and What Not to Wear).....................

I know there are thousands like me! What would they all do without us?!!

Have a great day!

©Barbara M Lake, December 2010


  1. Love true! Thanks for putting this up.

  2. Have to add Photography (all those Sports days, Christmas plays) and most important, Creative Writing (Sick Notes and I once condensed Charles Berlitz's, "The Bermuda traingle' into four pages!

  3. So true. That was me at one time. Now I'm a retired mom. Ah well, I can now be a grandmother.