Monday, September 20, 2010


Isn't this graphic cool?  I was doing a craft project and wanted my words to be in a circle.  I used Microsoft Word and WordArt, a feature that inserts decorative text in a document

The steps (I was using Word 2007):
  • Click on the "WordArt” icon on the Insert command tab, which will bring up the WordArt Gallery dialog box.
  • Choose the style from the Gallery that suits your project.  
  • The Edit WordArt Text dialog box will appear
  • Type in the text you want (choosing the font and text size) and click OK.  
  • The text is displayed in your document.  The Format command tab on the ribbon shows all the available formatting options...styles, fills, outlines, shadow effects, and 3D effects  I chose a simple circle from the almost three dozen different shapes. 
  • The program arranges the text in very flat oval shape, which can be resized with the "Size" option on the far right.


  1. It's cool, but you should animate it and put it in a slow spin. That would be even cooler.

  2. That IS should put it on your sidebar!