Friday, September 4, 2009

Your Opinion Is Important

In honor of the beginning of the holiday weekend, Tony and I took a walk after dinner to get shave ice. The stand we went to is located in a trailer in the middle of a small parking lot. There are some picnic tables under a large shade tent next to the stand. The atmosphere there may leave something to be desired, but it doesn't matter, because the ice product is so good. It's shaved so fine it looks like snow, and they pour on the flavors liberally.

There are about 70 flavors to choose from, or you can combine more than one flavor. They actually list some popular combinations to make it easier. For example, a fuzzy navel is a mixture of peach and orange, tiger's blood combines strawberry and coconut, and you can mix any flavor plus pineapple to make a daiquiri.

All the choices can be a little intimidating, but there's usually a line of people waiting to order, and I can have it figured out by time I get to the front. However, today there was no line, and Tony knew exactly what he wanted, so there was no reason to wait. I was still undecided when I walked up to the counter and asked the clerk what HIS favorite flavor was. When he said that he really liked piƱa colada with peach, I told him I'd take that in a small.

It turned out to be a really good choice. So was Tony's lime and cherry. After we were all sugared up, the walk home was easy.