Monday, September 21, 2009


Today my dermatologist prescribed a topical medicine that has to be applied twice a day for the next eight weeks. Even though I'm fairly well organized, I was concerned that I'd have trouble remembering to do it. I tried to find a small calendar so I could note each application, but I didn't have a whole lot of luck. Then I thought of a solution. The PocketMod.

I wrote about PocketMod last year. It's a way to keep yourself organized using one piece of paper. The paper gets cut and folded into eighths, so it's small, and it wouldn't be obvious if I left it on the vanity next to the toothbrush holder.

Although there are many PocketMod page widgets available, all I needed was the monthly calendar. I filled the whole page with blank months and printed it out. Half of the months were oriented the wrong way, but that didn't matter to me. I wasn't planning on using my finished product in my purse, so I didn't cut and fold it as the directions indicated. Instead I folded the paper in quarters and wrote in the month names and dates. My only beef is that the boxes to put the date in are tiny-I had to write underneath them.

I put the calendar in the bathroom next to the tube of medicine, and found an orange marker to accompany it. If I make a mark each time I apply the ointment to my skin, I hope the brightly-colored ink will make it obvious if I've missed a dose.

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