Monday, September 14, 2009

He’s Leaving On A Jet Plane.

I dropped Tony off at the airport this morning, and he left for a multiple-week job training class. There are no convenient flights on the weekends to make it worth his while to come home, so it will be a while before I see him again. Every other time he was gone on a lengthy business trip there were kids in the house. Now there are none-just me.

This morning I rolled out of bed an hour early, threw on some clothes, and ate a quick breakfast before we were out the door. After I finished at the airport, I stopped at a different branch of my gym that was on my route home for a workout. It was still rush hour when I left the gym, so traffic was still pretty heavy, but I pulled into the garage just a little later than my usual wake up time!

Now that Tony's gone, some things will be the same. I'll still have go to work, eat, and do housework, although there won't be as much to cook or clean up with only one person in the house. The cats will still want their food three times a day, but they won't understand that early-rising "Dad" is gone, and I sleep later than he does.

However, a lot of things will be different. After 29 years of marriage, Tony and I have got things around the house divvied up pretty well. Now I'll be doing my tasks and his. I wonder if I'll run out of coffee cups and milk glasses before the dishwasher is filled up, and if I have enough socks and underwear to last me, since I won't be doing laundry as often.

I'll have a lot of time to fill up. I resurrected some ideas from my bucket list, but I'm still looking for suggestions. If you have any, please leave me a comment.


  1. I hope your time alone goes better than mine earlier this month. I turned into a basket case.

    Since you mentioned your cats - how are they? Getting on again?

  2. I'm sure the cats will keep you company! They are good at that.