Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Nibble And Nosh

Before I can start my new job next month I need to have a health form filled out and signed by my doctor. When I called the doctor's office to make an appointment, they told me I was past due for a "complete" physical (including those annoying routine blood tests for things like cholesterol levels). Having blood work done means I need to fast; no food for 12 hours beforehand. What a drag!

It normally wouldn't be a problem to fast, but the earliest appointment time I could get was 10:00. By time I get through with the doctor and make it to the lab to have blood drawn it will be almost lunch time. My other choice is to go for the appointment tomorrow, then go back bright and early another day for the blood work. That would be two mornings are wasted instead of one, so I'd rather just get it all taken care of at once.

Besides, that way I can have a late night snack.

The family tradition, started years ago, is to have substantial nourishment just before you aren't supposed to eat anymore. My theory is that if you're going to be without food for a period of time, you should go into it with a full stomach. When the boys had their wisdom teeth taken out, we'd hit Domino's and order a medium pizza just for them. They thought it was a real treat.

I had everything planned out. About the time Tony went to bed I was going to drive to Sonic for some fast-food delight. Sadly, I forgot to ask Mother Nature if my plan was ok with her; a little before 9:00 the skies opened; rain poured down and I heard hail hitting the roof. There was a severe thunderstorm warning and a tornado watch posted for the entire area. I was looking forward to my snack, but it wasn't worth leaving the house for!

As the stormy weather continued, I gave up hope. I made myself a bag of lite microwave popcorn, poured it into a bowl, and ate it. Ironically, it was probably healthier than anything I could have bought at Sonic and will probably stick with me better. It was quite a letdown, though.


  1. I find if I eat too much I get positively ravenous much sooner. Stretches the stomach and all that.

    Popcorn doesn't stick with me @ all. I can eat it all day and still be starving.

    Good luck with your tests!

  2. I had the fasting blood test the day before I left on vacation. I agree, it's no fun.