Monday, June 1, 2009

Hand. Hand. Foot. Foot.

When I was a kid, I liked to do cartwheels. I could do them from one side of the back yard to the other without stopping. I haven't done one for many years, though. In honor of the first summery day of the year today I did cartwheels in the back yard.

I was pretty sure I'd still be able to do it, but just in case I took my shoes off and tried a practice one first in the basement where no one could see me. It went pretty well, so I moved outside. The ground still felt pliable, not hard and brittle like it will be in the middle of summer, and the grass was soft against my feet. Before I started, I took a quick glance at all the yards surrounding mine to make sure there was no one to watch me.

The coast was clear, so I raised my arms straight above my head, stepped forward with my left leg, and looked down to where my hands would go. I reached down with the left hand, than the right one, and kicked my legs up in the air. The momentum pulled my body up and over. I landed on one foot, then the other, and straightened up. I looked around; there was still no one outside to see me.

The first one was pretty awkward, but I think I managed to get my legs straight up in the air. After two it started feeling more natural. I did several before I started getting winded and stopped. I suspect I'll have some sore muscles tomorrow, but the pain will be worthwhile. I'm happy to know I could still do it.


  1. You lucky thing! I never could do a cartwheel - not even when I was young and nimble. I used to be an awe of anyone that could! I'm happy you can still do them, too!

  2. I used to be a gymnast...but I haven't tried to do a cartwheel in so long that I'm sure I couldn't complete even one. Good for you!

  3. Andrea--Thanks. I'm realizing today, though, that you use your hamstrings A LOT when you cartwheel!

    Sydney--Try it. I dare you. But make sure you stretch first.

  4. I think I am too scared to do such stuff as I am a complete klutsz and likely to end up in a&e but congratulations and commiserations (for the sore bits)

  5. You are an inspiration to all of us cartwheel-lovers who haven't attempted it in years!

  6. Good for you! I never could do cartwheels, even as a child.