Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Get Your Kicks

I like exercising in a group setting, because I get bored using a stationary bike or treadmill. When I joined a new gym I realized that I'd have to get used to a whole different set of classes. I'm settling into a weekly routine of workouts that include Wednesday's kickboxing class.

There's no contact in this class. Instead, it's cardio kickboxing, which combines elements of boxing and aerobics. It's a high-intensity form of exercise to a mix of rock, rap, and dance music. In just a few weeks I'm getting better at it. I have more stamina and strength; the first time I could barely make it through the hour, but today I was bobbing and weaving for the entire time with no problem.

The class starts with a warm up, which includes a bit of stretching, followed by the kickboxing portion. We do punches (jabs, hooks, and uppercuts) and kicks (front, side, and roundhouse) in different combinations. In between, we do jumping jacks and "jump" rope without a rope. The instructor encourages everyone to work at their own pace and emphasizes proper boxing technique. There are mirrors on two sides of the room, so you can watch yourself jabbing away if you so desire. The last portion of the session is devoted to cooling down, core work, and stretching.

I'm finding that this class does wonders for any anger I bring into the room with me. I just imagine the person or thing that's frustrating me at the end of my fist! Besides, by the end of the class I don't have the energy to be mad. It's all I can do to walk to my car and drive home.


  1. When I was in my third year of university the frosh would do group Tae Bo right above my room @ 7am. I thought it was insane that students would wake up that early [particulary first year students] and I've held onto my dislike of Tae Bo and kickboxing since then. However, I can see how it is great exercise and stress relief.

  2. You are my hero. I'm just walking, and working out with 3 lb weights.

  3. That sounds like a fun class. I find that boxing is excellent stress relief, and that normal irritations don't annoy me as much if I've been doing that kind of workout.