Monday, November 18, 2013


The Customer Service desk has a standard multi-line office phone that's stored on a shelf inside a cabinet that also holds computer equipment, with a chest-high counter running across the top.  The phone's shelf is in the middle, at hip level, and easy to access.

When I opened the desk today I noticed we had a voice mail.  However, every time I tried to access it the phone went directly to speakerphone.  I tried pressing different buttons to fix the problem, but had no luck.  Eventually I found notes my coworker left from yesterday where he mentioned having the same problem.   I called the mall office to inform them of the situation, then considered how I was going to handle the incoming calls.

This is what I figured out.  To answer a call:
  • Take the phone off the shelf and set it on the counter top.
  • Remove the handset and place it on the counter next to the phone.
  • Push the button to activate the speaker. Start talking.
  • Lean over so your face hovers a foot above the speaker because you can't hear anything above the sound of the mall music.  Talk extra loudly because you assume they can't hear you, either.
  • Hope that another customer doesn't come up to the desk to ask a question, because they can hear everything that's being said.
  • To finish remember that hanging up the handset doesn't work.  You have to use the speaker button.
Fortunately, didn't receive many calls during my shift.  I wonder how long it will take to get the phone fixed?

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  1. Oh dear! That is pretty darn inconvenient. I sure hope they get it fixed before your next work day. It was nice of your coworker to leave good notes.

    1. Since I work again tomorrow I bet I'll have to put up with the problem again.

  2. Oh, I hope it doesn't take long~!

  3. Yikes! Hope it gets fixed before Black Friday!

    1. Me, too, but since there will be a couple of people at the desk that day maybe I'll make sure the OTHER person answers the phone :-)

  4. I got a great visual of this and was cracking up! Hopefully the phone is fixed soon!